About JCprogram

Its birth, not to have been made for ordinary commercial cosmetics, there was a story, such as a bit of drama.

Daily, acne, rough skin, atopy, the medical field of dermatology that are seeing the patients, such as dry skin.
There really is visited by women who are troubled in a variety of skin problems.

Of course, it is impossible to reduce the symptoms of drug taking and application, but also true that in the good or bad of skin care comes out significant difference in symptoms. Be carried out no matter how seriously the treatment, using the harmful burdening the skin in the day-to-day cosmetics, it does not make sense at all in the repetition of the fact that treatment is wasted.

So was born the will, provided by the Jiyugaoka clinic Doctors Cosmetics, was intended to be a prototype of the "JCprogram".

Photos: JCprogram is cosmetics was born in the examination room.

Initially at the reception of the clinic, the name that is passed along with the medicine on the way back of the examination also no cosmetics.

Also, such as container, it is as simple as packed the same as in the white cup of plastic and other topical cream.
"Instead of moisturizing cream you are using now, this, please try using"
"I cleansing is good as it is now, please try to wash in this once to try when washing the face."

Also our side to encourage, initially was a conversation of its extent. Nobody at that time, perhaps even the development group that made its cosmetics, would it was not even thinking like that that becomes a commodity to jump out to the outside of the hospital.

However, also in cosmetics that was destined not exposed to such a positive, there is a turning point when we visited.
Therapeutic effect appears to, patients should not need to come to a real Ramo clinic, you its name even ever been to buy and want to use in the future without cosmetics.

And it was not a one person or two people. Originally what was used as an adjunct to treatment and drugs, we had particularly captured the hearts of patients with high awareness clinic in beauty. This than honest joy, and I felt strongly the better of surprise, some staff were told it was at that time members of the development team. And, if it, this is really the story of whether Let's turned into commodity I began to lift.

The problem with cosmetics market

However, in order to commercialize its cosmetics, there was one of the big problems.
It is the cosmetics, is that originally was what was made as a medical auxiliary.

Cosmetics that had been sold in the clinic at the time, basically the doctor did what was passed to patients as part of therapy.
In other words be a doctor himself, he performs a medical examination First patients in front of the eye, and look at the skin of the patient directly, because the cosmetics necessary to the skin of the people had to choose their own doctor.
If the by product of afloat, of course, continue to do that is physically impossible.

In other words, in the name of cosmetics called fly out to the limited space that the front of the doctor "product", is effective for anyone suffering from the skin problems, and be required to secure high safety everyone is wearing I such that.

Of course, it is out of the question, such as lowering the quality. So the only, it becomes the same as the other cosmetics to sale only the images and brand names full of the public.

Not only doctors, gathered a variety of cosmetics experts, every day of trial and error have lasted.
Effect of the product is, not weakened. But, it must be a product that promises universal safety Even to anyone not stay experts to the skin. While trouble in the previous two elements to this contradiction, the development team has continued to pile the research day and night looking for a desperately the answer.

The birth of JCprogram
Thus was born the will, freedom is proposed hill clinic Doctors Cosmetics, is "JCprogram".
Even after with a certain degree prospect in development, we did not sell to the general public it immediately. Only do the sales only in the hospital, and continuing improvements little by little while listening to the voice of our customers. Repeat repeatedly do it, and to deliver only what convinced went to the general public. It continues even now, is also the basic philosophy of "JCprogram".

Thanks to you, the world birth out has been cosmetics called "JCprogram", celebrated its time from finally born in this year of seven years. Of course the meantime, we will never loosen the hand of product improvement and development. Once the name is also not had the examination room a small cosmetics in is, thus it finally came to be able to give the opportunity to touch the eyes of everybody.

If you have If even a little interested, please try by all means once JCprogram. Also effect on raw materials, we have the absolute confidence in this product. Because it is polished in our staff and two patients of voice, because it is "real cosmetics of the examination room was born."
Feedback, also of also we are waiting severe.

The voice also as food, we we would like also some polish to their products in the future.

High-performance skin care "experts of the skin" was created
In the examination room and treatment room, counseling room of the site, looking at the skin of patients every day, a doctor who knows a thing of the skin, beauty therapist, pharmacist .... Gathered a variety of skin experts, cosmetics created a "beauty rooted in medical care," the concept is the "JCprogram" series.

low hypo
Originally and skin disease, since the product was created so that it can be used with confidence in the people of the deli Kate sensitive skin, it has become a gentle ingredients that do not put a burden on the skin. As much as possible the amount of using a naturally-derived ingredients such as anti-corrosion agent is kept to a minimum line does not occur is a problem with the quality of the product.

Simple Developments (one product-one concept)

One of the items to, one of the objectives.

For example, if for damage in the external factors such as ultraviolet light, blending only the friendly component to the skin necessary to sedation and moisturizing. If skin suffering from age-related phenomenon, only the intensive put the components needed for aging care. To clarify the concept of product development, there is no room for include those superfluous to the cosmetics made with the aim of one of them.

JCprogram birth place

Had to leave the hustle and bustle of the city, the hospital to the top of the Odaka physician Jiyugaoka is stood quietly.

Under eyes the rapidly changing urban landscape, unchanged at that location for more than a decade, beauty spot to continue to accept the woman to come doing in search of beauty. It is the clinic freedom is to become hills Doctors Cosmetics birth of the earth, and "JCprogram" the birth of the original.

Beauty rooted in the inner and outer-heart

And the number of cases was Tokushutsu also nationwide as a clinic of personal, reliable technology that is based on its experience.

National staff so that it is aligned with the experience and technology of top class in a variety of fields, despite being a place where limited that Jiyugaoka, does not cut off the later visitors. Its reputation has spread by word of mouth, have now also received a high reputation among many celebrities and beauty of the navigator who as a Hall of Fame of beauty that people each know to know.
And advanced treatment equipment, never to another hospital abundant beauty menu. They are never, simply should not be considered incorporated attempt to raise the income effect.

There is there is a strong belief that the clinic aims "inner and outer-mind to root locus and beauty."
"Within the" healthy from inside the body.
"Outside" is youthful and brilliant skin forever.

"Heart" was rich, there is room always be able to feel the joy spirit.
If you do not be able to get the real beauty is multiplied even one of these three, all of the staff involved in the clinic believes. Furthermore, they of three enhancement is not intended to will end imperceptibly been achieved between the moment, it must always continues to be what they own is satisfactory in the "every moment in life."

So in this place, it is always of the new form beauty has been born.

Pursue the ultimate beauty space

Create a free relaxation salon filled with negative ions into the room, the hotel's beauty internal medicine and gynecology as well as dermatology and esthetic. Such as bedrock bath enjoy aging consultation and private space that can be said "health diagnosis of beauty", they are of chestnut nick you want to achieve the enhancement of not only the "outside" of the customer "in" and "mind", of trial and error It is the youngest result.

Of course, even in the technical aspects directly related to the "outside", it has undergone a constantly evolving while listening to your voice.
And outstanding skin care with the technology "beauty therapist" our craftsman techniques, friendliest service is not conceit to it, or be up to frequent topic among the beauty industry.

Advanced technology of the health sector is about especially proud of the number of state-of-the-art technology and the case in Japan and looking at, such as Botox injection.

A woman of beauty make various efforts to the original belief that care in total, Japan state-of-the-art beauty spot cosmetics was born called "JCprogram" has always stood in the position of everyone who visited the place, we continue to pursue the ultimate beauty space to support the person's life itself.